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A History of Zinfandel by Copper Vine Wine

Copper Vine Wine Pub is located in the heart of New Orleans. Join us for lunch, dinner, or brunch (Saturdays and Sundays only) to discover your new favorite wine in New Orleans. Our vast selection of specially chosen wines are available in bottles and on tap, so you have every opportunity to tantalize your taste buds.

Zinfandel: A Brief History

True, the name “Zinfandel” is American in origin. However, the grapes that preceded the ones we know today had their origins in Croatia. DNA Studies show someone brought the grape used in the creation of California Zinfandel here in the 1820s.

Zinfandel grapes produce robust red wines although they’re lighter in color than Merlots or Cabernets. Also, they’re used to create the popular, semi-sweet rosé, White Zinfandel. They’re easy on the palate. Zins boast flavors of licorice, blueberry, black pepper, and cherry.

Not Old - Aged to Perfection

You may have heard the term “Old Vine Zinfandel”. It’s used by many vineyards and wineries to describe grapes grown on vines that are at least 50 years old. Other grapes experience a decrease in quality at that age, but Zinfandels are unique. They actually improve in complexity and stature!

California’s Zinfandel plantings date back as far as the Gold Rush era. That means the oldest vines in The Golden State are likely in the Sierra Foothills. One vineyard there dates its vines back to 1869. Although primarily found in California, there are a few other countries that boast Old Vine Zinfandels. Italy, France and their native Croatia to name a few.

All for Wine and Wine for All: Fun Zinfandel Facts

  • Because of its unique climate and soil, Zinfandel flourished in California. It was introduced sometime between 1852 and 1857.
  • Today, Zinfandel is California’s 3rd leading wine grape variety.
  • The Golden State is home to more than 44,000 acres of planted Zinfandel!
  • The California Department of Food and Agriculture reported nearly 417,00 tons crushed in 2016.
  • Looking for a perfect Zinfandel food pairing? Try grilled chops or steaks, rich Bolognese sauces, or chocolate desserts.
  • Zin rose to great popularity in the 80s as a slightly sweet, blush wine. Many people today still think there’s a grape called White Zinfandel. There’s not!
  • Although best grown on aged vines, when the wine itself ages it becomes very alcoholic in taste. Zinfandel is usually at its best between 3 to five years of its vintage.

How Can You Celebrate?

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