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A Message of Thankfulness from Copper Vine, Dinner in New Orleans

While the coronavirus pandemic is deeply stressful, it also allows us to take note of the things we typically take for granted. During the month of November, we’d like to highlight all the things we’re grateful for at Copper Vine. We hope that you’ll join us in reflecting and counting your blessings this year!

The health of our loved ones.

If the corona-virus has taught us all one thing, it’s never to take the health of our family and friends for granted. When things are all said and done, we look forward to hugging our loved ones a little tighter and longer than we did before. At Copper Vine, we respect the health of our customers and staff, and we take every measure to provide a safe dining and takeout experience for all.

Time with friends.

After an incredibly difficult quarantine, I think it’s safe to say that we all appreciate the sight of our friends a little bit more than usual. Dinner in New Orleans and brunch with friends at Copper Vine has taken on a new meaning, and we are thankful that we can provide a safe and accountable place for people to connect over great food, wine, and cocktails.

The chance to slow down.

One thing we are grateful for during this time is the opportunity to slow down and be intentional with where we spend our time and energy. From enjoying some much needed “me” time to virtually reconnecting with old friends over a great glass of wine, staying closer to home has allowed us to build authentic connections in a time of physical distancing. Click here to view our menu for a delicious wine and dinner in New Orleans.

Wine flights and happy hour.

You know what they say, “there’s nothing a good happy hour can’t fix.” When everything became a bit too much this year, we are thankful that Copper Vine’s happy hour could provide a much-needed escape to NOLA locals. From packing up your favorite cocktails to-go, to serving delicious snack and wine flight pairings in our socially-distanced dining rooms.


This year might not have been the one that we were expecting, but there’s one thing that made everything worth it -- our customers. Thank you for continuing to come out and support our local establishment throughout this challenging time. No matter what the future looks like, we promise that we will continue to serve you the delicious food, cocktails, and wine that you have come to love!

With appreciation and gratitude, we wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. May your season be filled with wonderful memories and holiday cheer. Start your online order or stop by for delicious dinner in New Orleans.