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Top Tips for Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

Wine lists can be very overwhelming for someone who only has a glass every now and then. Some restaurants have wine lists with over 20 pages, so where do you begin? Copper Vine Wine has an amazing team of wine enthusiasts and we’d love to help those of you who may need a little guidance.  


7 Pointers for a Perfect Wine Order

  1. Trust Your Somm

A sommelier, also known as a wine steward, doesn't expect every restaurant guest to be a wine expert. Your somm is there for you to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable wine and dine experience. Not every glass of wine pairs well with any dish on the menu. Your somm will know every perfect combination.

  1. Express Palette Preferences

Start off with the details such as red or white, light and fruity, or dry and earthy. You can also give your somm or wine waiter examples of the wine you drink at home. This will not only save time, but more details of what you like or have previously tasted will guarantee a greater selection.

  1. Don’t be Afraid of Asking Questions

Some questions may seem silly, but that’s nothing to be nervous about even when you feel like you’ve asked too many. It can take some time to learn certain terms and different tastes that wine has to offer. Every restaurant will have a wine expert who loves describing how unique wine truly is.    

  1. Consider All Food and Wine Pairings

The wrong glass of wine can throw off the entire meal. One bottle of wine is essentially 4 glasses. If you’re in a group, make it easy by ordering one white and one red so courses don’t have to revolve around the table’s wine.

  1. Always Take the Taste

After presenting a bottle of wine your somm will always ask if you’d like to have a taste before it is poured around the table. Whether the bottle is corked or has a screw cap, you should always take the taste. There’s always the possibility of wine being transported at the wrong temperature.

  1. Order by the Glass

Restaurants won’t have every bottle of wine served by the glass, but there are other options if you’re still unsure about committing to a bottle. This way, you can also have the chance to try out multiple reds or whites throughout courses. Parties of two usually order by the glass because of different taste preferences or worries about not being able to finish a bottle.

  1. Don’t Forget a Price Range

Bottles can cost hundreds of dollars and the price of wine does not define quality. Voicing a price point will prevent any disappointment after the time it might have taken to decide on your wine selection.

Ordering wine at a restaurant shouldn’t be something to fear. Visit us at Copper Vine Wine Pub for an exceptional wine and dine experience!