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Sippin' Into Spring with Pinot Noir

For most of the country March is merely another month of snow and freezing temperatures—

the concept of springtime still out of reach for months to come. Meanwhile, here at Copper Vine, we are already welcoming lunches in the courtyard and evening happy hours overlooking the CBD on the balcony. With these warm and sunny days becoming more consistent, a spring cleaning of wine is definitely necessary. Time to set aside the full-bodied reds and embrace lighter reds, whites, and roses!

After months of indulging in my favorite bottles of Rhone Syrah and California Cabernet I’m excited to pour something new in my glass, but not quite ready to embrace the “rosè all day” lifestyle. While my palette is still attuned to those big and bold wines, I’ve been seeking out lighter-bodied reds still rich in complexity. Pinot Noir—a varietal with extensive diversity in expression—is the perfect wine for the change of season. The Butcher and Sojourn are two of my favorite recent finds.

Amongst the rocky hillsides of the Sonoma Coast sits Rodger’s Creek Vineyard. Steep inclines and rich volcanic ash deposits in the soil cause stressful growing conditions for the vines. The result is a Pinot Noir with deep concentration. On the palette, strawberry, raspberry, and red cherry are complimented by hearty notes of game and mushroom. The wine is refined by fresh minerality expected from the Sonoma Coast region. This wine offers clean brightness and flavor while still providing the traditional profile of strawberry, raspberry, and red cherry to satisfy the California Pinot Noir connoisseur.

The Butcher is a Pinot Noir from Schwarz Wein Cellars in Burgenland, Austria. This wine is exceptionally unique. On the nose, the wine presents a surprisingly pleasant combination of cured meats, vanilla, and darker red fruits. The intensity of the nose is contrasted by an enticingly smooth palette. Black cherry, strawberry, and vanilla harmonize to provide a Pinot Noir with exceptional complexity.This wine is like a puzzle, each glass inviting you to figure out how each piece fits together.

Both expressions of Pinot Noir are a must try. Not ready to commit to a bottle? Try a glass of each from our new Coravin offerings.

Happy Sipping,

Lydia Kurkoski
Sommelier and Assistant General Manager