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Tommy Finch

Chef de Cuisine

Chef Thomas Finch was born and raised in the Honey Island Swamp in Slidell, La.  Growing up catching and eating alligator, wild boar, catfish, shrimp, and crawfish, he always found a way into the kitchen. 

            He discovered his true love for food when he was a student at LSU and cooking just to get by. He entered an ACF Culinary competition and took the gold medal for the poultry division. Then and there Tommy decided to devote his career to the art of cooking.  He knew the hard work that it would take along with the many sacrifices that would come when studying to become a chef.  Through his journey in the kitchen he was lucky enough to make time to travel the world, experiencing amazing cuisine Spain, Africa, Columbia, Turkey, South East Asia, and most recently Mexico. These places along with their wildly unique delicious styles and flavors have been brought back home with him to the South. He always finds a new way to combine the flavors of my travels with those of my childhood and Louisiana roots!  “Being from Louisiana is something I am very proud of and having my mind and palate opened by the rest of the world has only allowed me to grow and expand how I can reach people with food and hospitality. “